Granville Bridge Seismic Upgrade

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In 2009 Pacific Bolt worked on the Granville Bridge Seismic upgrade project. The project was designed to strengthen the concrete bridge girders in the event of an earthquake.

Pacific Bolt worked closely with the Contractor, Engineers, and owner to design a special coupler that connected a M15 metric mechanical coupler to 20M Gr400 Rebar tie rod. These couplers were designed, tested, and manufactured by Pacific Bolt and their supplier partners. The coupler replaced the original design which required 3 different parts to achieve the same result.

By designing and manufacturing this coupler on our in house CNC machine shop (link to machining page) we were able to supply a part which

  • Reduced the cost contractor and owner
  • Made installation of the tie rod easier and quicker

Project was finished on time and budget, which was extremely important as the project needed to be completed before the 2010 Winter Olympics.