For over 90 years Pacific Bolts Forging Department has been making bolts, although our upsetters may look old they are made to last. With a state-of the art Induction heating system. Our forging is only getting better!

Hot Head 1/2″ to 2 ¾” Dia

Common Products for Our Heading Department
Hex Head Bolts, Guard Rail Bolts
Ecomony Bolts (Timber Bolts), Carriage Bolts
Square Head Bolts, Wear Plate Bolts
Liner Bolts, Plow Bolts
Counter Sunk, Forged Washer Head Bolts

Note  We have Over 200 Forging Die SETS – We may be able to make that hard to find BOLT
Plus our in house Tool & Die Shop can make a die sets if required